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28 October | 9AM – 2PM

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Stall Price and Payment:
Standard Pricing:
Mobile Food Stalls R100
Inside Food Stalls R100
Inside Stalls R100
Outside Stalls R80
2nd Stall Inside R60
2nd Stall Outside R50
Rail Space next to stall R30
Payment for the stalls must be made by the 15th of the month prior to the market.
Payment to be made to:
LifeEase Solutions, FNB, Acc No 63028560381, Current Account
Use your name/trading name as reference. No need for a Proof of Payment, although you might be requested to provide it.
Cash paid into the account will attract an additional R5 for cash handling fees. 
This does not apply to internet banking or ATM transfers.
No payment will be accepted on the day of the market, if you do not do internet payments, then payment at the market for the following market will be accepted (receipts will be issued for payments received)

Cancellation and Non-Payment:
Stalls not paid by the 15th will be re-allocated to Vendors on the waiting list (on the 16th of the month).
No refunds will be made for any cancellations after the 20th of the month prior to the Market.
Trading Hours:
The market trades from 09:00 to 14:00. The market is advertised as trading for these hours and packing up prior to 14:00 is unfair to other Vendors.
Set Up Hours:
Set up will be from 07:30 to 08:45. 
Vendors are kindly asked to have their stalls ready for trading by 08:45, as there are always those “Early Birds” who come early.
The Parking area on the left (Bosmansdam Road) is restricted to visitors only.
The parking area to the right of the hall (when looking at the hall) is allocated for Vendors, and all vendors must please make sure that they move their cars to this area once they have unpacked. 
Advertising and Marketing:
All Vendors are kindly asked to advertise and market to all their WhatsApp Groups, Facebook Pages, family, and friends.

General Rules:

  • There are limited Electricity points in the hall. 
  • Extension Leads and Multi plugs will be supplied on request only.
  • No Vendor may create a disruption at the Market in any way.
  • Right of admission to the Market is reserved. Allocation of Stalls and access to the venue is at the organiser’s discretion.
  • No Vendor will be permitted to pack up before 14H00 please.
  • No burning of incense, oils or candles allowed.
  • No dogs or other animals are allowed.
  • Vendors are liable for any damage or loss they cause at the venue or to its property. The Organisers cannot be held liable for any damage, loss, or injury suffered by any Vendor or their acquaintances at the Market.
  • Vendors are requested to have tablecloths on their tables (supplied by yourself).
  • If posters are to be displayed on the walls, only prestick will be allowed. No other means of attachment is permitted.  Damage to walls will be for Vendor account.
  • The Organiser reserves the right to cancel Exhibitors at her discretion.
  • Vendors engaged in interfering, upsetting behavior, or causing a disturbance with members of the public, fellow Vendors, or Management in any manner whatsoever would immediately forfeit all rights to trade at any Market in the future.
  • Vendors are only allowed to trade with those products/services as indicated on the application form and which have been approved, and may be sold. If not he/she will be asked to clear his/her stall completely if this rule is not maintained.
  • No responsibility is accepted for products/services that do not sell.
  • Any food stalls must please make sure that they are handled with cleanliness.
  • Please ensure that no food is left messed up and uncleaned when packing up your tables as you will be held responsible for any cleaning costs. Vendors working with food are requested to please wear gloves, hair nets, aprons, etc. (I will have these items with me if you require any).
  • All problems and suggestions of any nature must immediately be brought to the Organiser’s attention on the specific day.
  • Vendors will not be entitled to assign, cede, or transfer any right to a stall in whole or in part to any other party or person without the consent of the Organiser.
  • The copying of another Vendor’s goods is prohibited.
  • All Vendors are responsible for the safety of their own stalls and the Organisers will not accept responsibility for any losses.
  • Each Vendor is responsible for cleaning up his / her area at the end of the market day, should you leave your area dirty, a cleaning fee of R20 can be charged to you.
  • A First Aid Box will be kept on-site for any person requiring minor medical attention.
  • We request that Vendors keep the Tea Garden area and seating for visitors only.
  • There will be a “Bookings Book” at each market, where you can reserve your place for the next
    market, however, if we have multiple stalls with the same products, we will have to decline a Vendor.
  • All requests for announcements for specials, etc must be given to me the morning of the market, Request Forms will be distributed to all Vendors at each Market. The Resident DJ will then do the necessary during the market.
  • Please remember your stall might not be in the area you like, doing the layout is not the best job in the world, unfortunately, we only have so much wall space, and not everyone can be allocated a wall stand, however, I am open to any requests, and will try to oblige where possible.
  • Those wanting Corex Boards advertising the Market are available from me at R35, please contact me if you are interested.

Our aim is to put our Market on the map and make it one of the best sought-after Markets to visit, and this can only be done with the teamwork from our Vendors.
Please feel free to WhatsApp/SMS on 0615977511, or email
I look forward to many HAPPY, SUCCESSFUL and EXCITING Markets, we are all here after for the same
reason, to make some MOOLA!!!!! So, let’s do it whilst enjoying ourselves.
Thank You!